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The human body is designed to be healthy. The primary system in the body which coordinates health is the nerve system. The vertebrae (bones of the spine) surround and protect the delicate nerve system.
Physical, emotional and chemical stresses, common to our contemporary lifestyles, can result in misalignment to the spinal column as well as damage to the nerve system. The result is a condition called Vertebral Subluxation Complex, which we simply call subluxation (Please see brochure). The Chiropractic Examination determines if your spine shows signs of the Vertebral Subluxation process, which leads to Disc Degeneration.

Thank you for choosing us for your chiropractic needs. We are excited to meet you for your first visit!

During your first visit, we will gather all pertinent information regarding your health to determine if yours is indeed a chiropractic case and if a full-spine radiography is needed.


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